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Dimensions range between 1024 x 768 - 1280 x 960. See the wallpaper section for larger images!

Lara gazing at the warrior statue Lara hanging from a spike. Or sumpin'. Handstand! She's still got it, I say! Guards below the walkway
"Now, what do I do with him?"

I'd say the girl's still got it!

Get that exercise, gurl! Lara swinging around a pole -- whilst in danger Mysterious ambience Loverly gold floors
And stretch! And pull! And stretch!
(Well, it *looks* like she's doing aerobics!)
Lara's Olympic judge gives her extra incentive to do well.
Foggy temple
There's gold in them thar' floors!

Lara in the Temple Lara descending on a rope Luscious waterfall behind Lara Lara: the beauty upclose and personal
Lara's blue sweater Gazing upon a waterfall below Lara is contemplative Shaft of light illuminating the Temple

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